Chief James Steiner


104 Hageman Street

On 2/10/2022-The box was struck for 104 Hageman Street for the House Fire. That alarm brought Morgan County Company 1,2,3,7-Washington County Company 5-Allgheny County Company 43, Berkeley County Company 40 to the scene.

Chief 1 arrived on scene in Engine 11, he advised they had a working fire on a covered porch. Chief 1 then took command. He advised his crew was stretching a 1 3/4-inch handline to the porch. Within a few moments crews had the fire under control. At that time command placed the remainder of the box in service and held Engine 11 and Medic 7-7 on scene. Approximately 500 gallons of water was used to extinguish the fire.

All units cleared per command.

There were no Firefighter or Civilian injuries. All occupants were self-rescued prior to Fire Department arrival.


3500 Virginia Line Road

On 2/7/2022 The box was struck for 3500 Virginia Line Road for the house fire. That alarm brought Morgan Company 3,1,2,7-Frederick County VA Company 16,2-Berkeley County Company 50, -Washington County Company 5 and Washington DES 1811 to the scene. 


First arriving units were met with heavy fire conditions coming out the front of the home. Company 3 units then laid out from Virginia Line Road to the residence. All Apparatus had to stage to the home being on the other side of a wooden bridge that wasn’t rated for Fire Apparatus use. Interior operations began and the balk of the fire was knocked down in a few moments.


As other crews arrived, Deputy Chief 3 took Command and Chief 1 took interior operations. Once power to the residence was secured, a secondhand line was deployed, and a second crew made entry into the home as well. Crews were then sent to the roof to make a ventilation cut to allow smoke and heat to escape. Making conditions safer for crews working interior. Within approximately 20 minutes the fire was under control and considered placed out.


Units then transitioned to overhaul and salvage operations at that time. Pulling ceiling and walls exposing hot spots and extinguishing them. Crews operated on scene for approximately 2 1/2 hours.


All units cleared per Command.


There were no Firefighter or Civilian Injuries. All occupants home at the time were self-rescued prior to Fire Department Arrival.


On March 21, 2022, 15:06 – Crews were dispatched to Leafy Hollow Road for a brush fire. Upon arrival, Deputy Chief 1 established command and advised that there was a large fire and requested additional assistance.
At 15:36 command advised that the fire was spreading rapidly.
AT 15:43 command advised that at least 8 acres was involved and additional brush trucks would be needed. Crews from multiple departments battled the blaze for hours.
AT 17:33 a staging area, rehab, and accountability area was set up at Morgan County Medic 7-7.
At 17:35, the Wildlife team was requested. By 18:03 forestry advised that at least 50 acres had been consumed by fire. At 18:19 Chief 1 took over operations.
At 18:36, an all county page was sent to firefighters in Morgan County from Co. 1, Co. 2, Co. 3, and Co. 32 requesting anyone available to respond with manpower to assist with the fire.
At 19:03 Maryland State Trooper 5 was alerted to assist with an aerial view.
AT 19:46 Trooper 5 advised that the fire seemed to be getting taller. Crews continued to battle the blaze until 23:09. The scene was turned over to West Virginia Department of Forestry.
Crews returned this morning around 08:00 to assess the situation and continued working on the fire. At this time, the fire is reported to be under control by command.
We would like to thank everyone who assisted! Whether you offered to bring leaf blowers, UTV’s, rakes/shovels or if you were part of the group that brought an endless supply of water, snacks, and sandwiches to the station to be delivered to the crews. WE THANK YOU!
UPDATE 3/22/22-West Virginia Division of Forestry crews are still working to contain the Sleepy Creek Mountain fire, which has burned somewhere between 70 and 100 acres, and continues to burn. The DNR has closed access to Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area while fire operations are ongoing. Local firefighters this morning were called again to assist at White’s Gap for the fire.